Thursday, 2 June 2011

Still sore

No swimming today either. Still sore beause of the 18,5 kms swim I did the day before yesterday (and the nasty fall on my back - I strained some abdominal and neck muscles), and I decided to take another rest day. Instead I had a session with Susanne Willemsen of SW Sportmassage who managed to get most of the soreness out. 

I'll do a short (2-hours) training session in the river Maas tomorrow morning and then drive to Dover, UK, for three days of hard work in Dover Harbour with a large group of other Channel nutters. After that three days in Brussels for work-related training, and a day in Liege to visit two friends and colleagues who have gone through a very rough time recently and whom I am looking forward to seeing. I'll be back in Lith on Friday 10 June, in time to pick up wife and children from Amsterdam airport the next day. The fun of my temporary life as a bachelor is wearing thin, and I miss the family.

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