Friday, 3 June 2011

Dover - day 1: swimming in water of 12 degrees Celsius

The meaning of 'cold' continues to shift: today I swam for 1h50min and then again for 50 minutes in water of 12 degrees Celsius (and lived to tell it)! Even better: I felt relatively comfortable during the second swim. Clearly something good is happening and my body is adapting well to ever lower water temperatures.

Adaptation is taking on other forms as well. My resting heart rate is now appr. 32 beats per minute, and rarely gets above 45 bpm.

Today I trained alone. Tomorrow a big group of (aspiring) Channel Swimmers will be gathering at 9 am in Dover Harbour under the watchful eye of living legend Freda Streeter, 73 yrs, the 'Channel General'. I expect to push my physical limits further and spend at least 4 hours in the icecold water.

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