Wednesday, 15 June 2011

7,5 hrs in the IJsselmeer

Progressing well. I did a big, fat and ugly 7.5-hour training yesterday in a still cold IJsselmeer: from Medemblik to the 'Oude Zeug' harbour and back, appr. 19 kms.  Overcast sky all day, high winds and pretty bad waves, so a real 'fight' training, not so much speed. Shoulders got extremely painful at some point. I will definitely need to bring Ibuprofen for my swim. The water was 16-17 degrees Celsius at most: cold hands and feet all the way, but otherwise fine - the 3-day Dover shock therapy has worked well and cold water is much less of an issue now, physically and especially mentally.
No swimming today (soooooo tired!!) but a relaxed day off with Asha (kids are with their grandmother in Amsterdam): only gardening and extra sleep. For tomorrow only a short, slow training (and more sleep ;-)  ) to loosen up stiff muscles and get the juices running again. On Thursday and Friday I intend to do two more huge (each close to 20 kms) work-outs, back-to-back. I will have time to recover physically from this monster week all of next week, when I will be in Bangladesh for work and with little time for practice I'm afraid.

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