Saturday, 11 June 2011

11 June

No swimming after Dover until today. Trained today with Marcel vdT, who had come to Lith to swim with me in the river Maas. 4 days of rest had clearly been good for me: I experimented successfully with a faster stroke rate and did my appr. 12-km circuit 20 minutes faster than a few weeks ago.

After the swim, and over eggs and bacon, Marcel and I also discussed our 20 kms training next Monday in the IJsselmeer, our training schedules, and our expectations for our respective upcoming Channel swims, his in July, mine in August. For both of us this is such a beautiful and exciting adventure.

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  1. Fantastisch, zo'n zwemmaat met eenzelfde doel. En fijn dat je zo lekker trainde. Zet hem op, he!!