Thursday, 14 July 2011

3 days off

Three days have flown by without training: eating, sleeping, some reading, and doing odd jobs in and around the house. I have been very tired: by swimming 31 kms I have really pushed my phyical limits. Muscles and tendons are still aching. Today's massage (mainly back, shoulders and upper arms) by Susanne Willemsen (top notch!), no less than three days after the swim, was painful but much needed.

However, as usual just a few days without training make me nervous and I am itching to get into the water tomorrow again for a short (2-hour) interval training, not too intensive. The really long trainings are mostly over now. I have only planned one very intensive 6-hour work-out for next week, but only after I am fully recovered from Sunday's monster work-out. Until then only 2-3 hour work-outs. No firm planning, but playing it by ear and listening carefully to what my body tells me. Sufficient rest and recuperation are essential.

I must be one of the very few people happy with yesterday's and today's horrible weather: the rain and low temperatures keep the river's water temperature down, which makes for better practice! I have decided not to go to Dover for the weekend, which I had planned originally. Will try to do some sea-training in the Netherlands over the next couple of weeks.

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