Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday 16 May

Five more days to go before I leave for the Netherlands and still tons of work. Looking forward to a period of intensely focused training without distractions.

Even if my endurance and power have improved a lot, I am not in great physical shape these days: last week's field trip (very inspiring by the way, will post photos later) included 900 kms in a car over sometimes dodgy roads and has left me with a sore back. Further to my earlier 'Channel-in-4-days' I had wanted to swim 33 kms over three days last weekend, but it didn't happen, because of my back and general post field trip fatigue. I have also come to the mental limits of how much I can train in a 25-meter pool: 10 kms = 400 laps = a grind. Swimming in open water from next week onwards will be such a relief!

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  1. Beterschap met je rug en sterkte met de drukte (gewoon blijven ademhalen ;-))