Monday, 30 May 2011


It should have been a really good day: doing a 6-hour swim today together with Marcel van der Togt in the Madestein lake in The Hague. (Marcel Channel Swim is even the subject of a real TV documentary and he had brought a 2-man film crew!)
The swim went great, very windy, water quite cold (17 degrees Celsius or so). I was able to keep a good pace, and felt still pretty good after 3hrs/10 kms. Even the cold water didn't bother me much. Then, suddenly, Marcel's coach Gerard noticed that my blue sports bag had disappeared from the park bench right next to the water. And yes, it had really gone, and with it 5 pairs of Cressi goggles (the only brand that fits me), some spare swimming trunks and, more seriously, all my keys, including car keys, and a photo camera with recent pics.  Very fortunately I had decided at the very last moment to leave my wallet with bank and credit cards hidden in the car.
The theft was the end of the swim for me, and I spent the rest of the day reporting to the police, who also opened the car for me (ever heard of a 'slim jim'?), dismantling the car (well, taking the car battery out) to avoid theft, driving to Lith and back to the Hague with ever helpful Vikram coming immediately to the rescue all the way from Amsterdam (thanks!!!) to get a spare car key, and driving home to Lith, finally.
Not a good day, but it could have been worse (no papers or bank stuff stolen).
Will try and do my 6-hour swim tomorrow: Lith-'t Wild and back.

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