Monday, 5 March 2012

New plan: swimming the Bangla Channel on 16 March 2011

Announcing a new plan: to swim the 'Bangla Channel', a 16 km stretch of water from mainland Bangladesh to St. Martin's Island, Bangladesh' southernmost point. It has been swum before by others. This year for the first time it will be a race, with so far only 4 solo participants.

Will tell you more about it soon, as well as about the CIPRB's Swimsafe project, which will start in April, when the weather and the water get warmer.


  1. Good luck Miko!
    I'd love to participate in the 16km swim but cannot find any information on the internet. Is there still a chance to participate (phone number or email address?)? If so, I'd catch a flight out of Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.

  2. Tobias,

    See the organiser Musa Ibrahim's website (scroll down the page). His e-mail is Mine is

    Is there an e-mail address where I or he can reach you?

    If you can make sure you reach the fishing jetty in Teknaf,where partcipants will meet and start, no later than Friday afternoon, then i am sure we can make it work for you. But to get there is not easy and requires flying to Dhaka, then to Chittagong or Cox' Bazaar and then by car to Teknaf. Not impossible, but really tight. The intention is however to turn this into a yearly event. A real pity we didn't know about you earlier!



    1. Thank you Miko,

      I dropped you an email on this. It would be great if you would make in an annual, charitable event. A number of my fellow swimmers would be highly interest as there are not that many OWS in the region.

      Cheers, Tobias